Skulpturenpark Köln

KölnSkulptur 4 - 2007-2009
Participating artists
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Tobias Rehberger
Tobias Rehberger
Unmögliche Schönheit (schattig), 1999
wood, concrete, silk screen plates, steel

Loan Michael and Eleonore Stoffel Stiftung
represented at KölnSkulptur 2 3 4 5 6

Video works, space installations, wall paintings, environments, furniture designs, sculpture, ceiling decoration: Tobias Rehberger (b.1966 in Esslingen) as an artist working conceptually cannot be pinned down to any single medium. But a certain complex of questions is always the motive behind an œuvre that is located between art, architecture and design. What is a work of art, how much of it is contextually determined? Or does it merely derive from a contemporary cliche of art? The public can in most cases "walk into" Rehberger's works which oscillate between functionality and uselessness, and this removes the nimbus of the untouchable art work.

Part of the "Kölner Reihe" by Florian Slotawa

in the exhibition KölnSkulptur #6