Skulpturenpark Köln

KölnSkulptur on view




The Skulpturenpark Köln is an open-air museum for contemporary sculpture.


The park, which is about 35,000 square meters in size, is an oasis of peace and contemplation in the middle of the surrounding urban infrastructure, a place for the immediate experience of contemporary sculpture. It is located in the triangle between Zoobrücke, Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer and Riehler Straße. The Skulpturenpark Köln is a place of artistic dialogue and reflection in this exceptional symbiosis of nature and art. The park presents a broad spectrum of contemporary sculptures to the visitor.


The KölnSkulptur exhibition series has a biennial character. Every two years the Stiftung Skulpturenpark Köln appoints an independent curator, who then organizes the KölnSkulptur exhibition according to his or her own concept. Each exhibition has its own visual identity and defines and reinterprets the Skulpturenpark Köln with significant contemporary outdoor sculptures.


The next exhibition KölnSkulptur #11 is in preparation and opens in mid-2024.


The following artists are currently on view: